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Danielle Cohen Levy

Theatre Director / Writer / Performer


Danielle Cohen Levy is a Tel Aviv based director, writer and performer. Cohen Levy creates within the independent theatre world as well as in the Israeli repertory theatres.

Cohen Levy completed her MFA with honors from the Integrated Program of Performance Analysis and Investigative Creative Artist at Tel Aviv University (2014), and graduated with honors with a BEd from the Directing and Teaching Drama Program at The Kibbutzim College Performing Art School (2009). She is now head of the Acting Preparatory Program at The Kibbutzim College, where she also teaches.

Her play, “The Advocate”, premiered in April 2018 at the Jerusalem Khan Theatre under her direction.

Her joint work with Namer Golan, “Worst Case Scenario” (2015), was awarded the Unique Stage Language prize, Lighting Design prize and Soundtrack Design prize at the Acco Festival for Alternative Theatre, and the Fringe Award (“Kipod Hazahav”) for Group Work. The work was presented in Brighton Fringe Festival, England; Theatre Paris Vilette, France; Fidena Festival, Bochum, Germany; ACT Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria, and is invited to Maribor, Slovenia and Tallinn Treff, Estonia in 2019.

Among her other works: “The Mysterious Disappearance of M” (2017); “Jewish Circle” (2017); “Why Did the Fish Cry?” (for children, 2016); “Over My Dead Body” (2014), and “I Am A Woman Warrior” (2014).

In 2018 Cohen Levy’s play “They Say It Will Start in July” was selected as recommended for translation by Eurodram. Cohen Levy is a recipient of the Original Play Scholarship (“Starting Point”) for her play “The Advocate” by the National Lottery Prize for the Performing Arts (2013), and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship (2009).


  • Danielle Cohen Levy (Homage to David Bowie), Photo: Adi Savran
  • Worst Case Scenario (2015), Photo: Ronnie Gross

“This is the exactly the sort of show that the fringe should be about: open, engaging and thought-provoking”

(Chris Creswell, Fringe Review, on “Worst Case Scenario”)

Touring works

The Mysterious Disappearance Of M

An Urban Detective Story

M disappeared 30 years ago, leaving no traces. Years later I was sent by my mother to solve the mystery of his disappearance. It was a journey that began in a former life, in which I had learnt what to save first in a fire, how long one should wait for a lover who has gone, and how it all goes back to Schrodinger’s cat…

True Story.

  • Written and performed by Danielle Cohen Levy
  • Co creation and design | Sharon Gabay
  • Lighting Design | Yoav Barel
  • Stage Design | Mai Aylon
  • Artistic Guidance | Naomi Yoeli, Nitzan Cohen

Worst Case Scenario

An expert juggler, an acrobat and dancer, a musician and inventor, and a brave woman warrior present an archive of 23 thoughts about conflict.

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